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Larry Wong was a high school teacher in the Norwalk-La Mirada School District for 35 years. In addition to teaching government and history, he has organized educational field trips and made it possible for thousands of students to visit Washington, D.C. and east coast historical sites. Mr. Wong has also raised funds for hundreds of college scholarships given to students in this school district.. This scholarship is named for Larry Wong after his death in 2007. He worked countless hours for the students of this community both before and after his retirement from teaching. It is the desire of the LWAHF that his legacy of giving be carried on through this scholarship.

2022 Recipients:
Cindy Venegas - John Glenn High School
Rylee Martinez - La Mirada High School
Marleen Esquivel - Norwalk High School
Ariana Rizo - SEAcademy
Clarissa Flores - El Camino High School

2021 Recipients:
Fatima Castillo - John Glenn High School
Nicole Vuong - La Mirada High School
Natalia Hernandez - Norwalk High School
Amy Contreras - SEAcademy
Jaelynn Chairez - El Camino High School

2020 Recipients:
Gabriella Estrada - John Glenn High School
Lisette Gaxiola - La Mirada High School
Sandy Gonzalez - Norwalk High School
Abraham Cervantes - SEAcademy
Karina Pineda - El Camino High School

2019 Recipients:
Christian Campos - John Glenn High School
Alan Nguyen - La Mirada High School
Yulia Muzhchinina - Norwalk High School
Roxana Bandera - SEAcademy
Mia La Clair - El Camino High School

2018 Recipients:
Melanie Castillo - John Glenn High School
Natalia Hernandez - La Mirada High School
Jacqueline Morales - Norwalk High School
Raquel Preciado - SEAcademy

2017 Recipients:
Denis Ramirez - John Glenn High School
Christina Croal - La Mirada High School
Rudy Perez - Norwalk High School
Yeimi Alvarez - SEAcademy

2016 Recipients:
Melissa Sandoval - John Glenn High School
Carl Dowell - La Mirada High School
Melinda Flores - Norwalk High School
Daniela Lozano - SEAcademy

2015 Recipients:
Skylynn Mack - El Camino High School
Jennifer Lopez - John Glenn High School
Emily Foo - La Mirada High School
Alice Pham - Norwalk High School
Louis Salinas - SEAcademy

2014 Recipients:
Joseph C. Martinez - SEAcademy
Adrianne Gonzalez - El Camino High School
Jazminnlee llamido - Norwalk High School
Elvia Cabrera - La Mirada High School
Marina Salama - John Glenn High School

2013 Recipients:
Danny Venegas - SEAcademy
Nashia Walton - El Camino High School
Ashlynn Walker - Norwalk High School
Priscilla Lee - La Mirada High School
David Newman - John Glenn High School

2012 Recipients:
Brendan Nguyen - Whitney High School
Kimberlin Villegas - Tracy High School
Adrian Rodriguez-Martinez - Artesia High School
Lizette Acosta - Norwalk High School
Jamie Montgomery - La Mirada High School
Angel Duran - John Glenn High School
Alyssa Villanueva - Gahr High School
Se Hyen (Katheryn) Lee - Cerritos High School

2011 Recipients:
Jesus Calderon - Whitney High School
Crystal Panuco - Tracy High School
Marbella Borja - Artesia High School
Maritza Luzanilla - Norwalk High School
Pu Reum Lee - La Mirada High School
Gwenndolyn Smith - El Camino High School
Walter Solorzano - John Glenn High School
Steven Hoodye - Gahr High School
Justin Wiguna - Cerritos High School

2010 Recipients:
Ricardo Urias - El Camino High School
Alexis Casillas - John Glenn High School
Danette Salas - La Mirada High School
Justin Stinson - Norwalk High School
Alexia Burquez - Chavez Middle School (Netbook Computer winner)

2009 Recipients:
Raul Hernandez - El Camino High School
Julio Reyes - John Glenn High School
Diane Ly - La Mirada High School
Payush Chatta - Norwalk High School

2008 Recipient:
Kaitlin Salazar - La Mirada High School

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